Sunday, July 16, 2017

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Subhash Patel(JB) is a resigned armed force officer who drives an upbeat and charming existence with his family. Because of some startling episodes that occurred in his life, he focuses on DR's (Kabir Singh) posse and completions them one by one.

Why did Subash target them? What conditions made him a serial executioner? furthermore, what is the back story behind this? To know the appropriate responses, you need to watch the film in theaters.

In addition Points:

Without a doubt, Patel SIR is JB's limited show. He totally conveyed the film on his shoulders and conveyed profundity to the procedures with his sleek looks and execution. His screen nearness and exchange conveyance are well-suited for his part.

Courageous woman Padmapriya made a good showing with regards to in her constrained screen nearness. The young lady who assumed a key part in the film is exceptionally noteworthy with her outward appearances. Posani's satire is great in parts. Subba Raju, Kabir Singh, and on-screen character Prudhvi are fair in their individual parts.

Tanya Hope made an okayish showing with regards to as a slick cop. The second 50% of the film has some great passionate substance and hoists the procedures conventionally.

Short Points:

The narrative of the film is very normal and has just the same old thing new to offer with the exception of the portrayal of JB. The primary portion of the film keeps running on a level note. Despite the fact that there are a couple of legend rise scenes, it does not have a holding screenplay.

More often than not the film moves forward and backward in time which is a bit much considering its sort. A couple of superfluous scenes in the main half can be expelled as they just increment the film's runtime.

Specialized Aspects:

As said above, executive Vasu Parimi's story has just the same old thing new to offer however he attempted to portray the film with some enthusiastic procedures amid the second half. On the off chance that he had focused on the main a large portion of the yield would have been far and away superior.

Altering work by Goutham Raju is alright as a couple of undesirable scenes in the principal half can be effectively cleaved off. Cinematography by Shyam K Naidu is great as each edge looks amazing. Music by DJ Vasanth is alright as was his experience score. Generation esteems by Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram are very rich as the film looks exceptionally polished and contemporary.


All in all, Patel SIR is Jagapathi Babu's demonstrate the distance. He exceeded expectations in his part and is the primary fascination for the film. Despite the fact that the primary portion of the film keeps running on a level note, the passionate scenes in the second half spare the film to a degree. Every one of the individuals who like reprisal dramatizations can give this film a shot yet the rest need to run in with negligible desires.

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